Work Life at Trillium

Trillium Flow Technologies is a global company with a global mindset. We recognize that diverse teams comprised of individuals of different cultures, perspectives, and experiences are the most effective teams. With that, we encourage our teammates to bring their whole selves to work. When our employees are valued for who they are, they’re more engaged with our customers, their team members, and other stakeholders.

We recognize our employees are our greatest asset and we prioritize investing in them through training, community development, and career advancement. We believe in strengthening your skillset to equip you on the job, but moreover, we believe in empowering you to make a difference in your life and your local community. With that, we provide our teammates the time and tools they need to excel not just at work, but at home and beyond. Want to learn more? Hear from Trillium Employees below:

“My favorite part of working for Trillium Flow Technologies is the people.  They are welcoming, engaged, and passionate about their work.” – Erika Masse, HR Business Partner

“My favorite part about working at Trillium is the opportunity to interact with customers from around the world and share our technical experience and knowledge of product specifics.” – Lucas Janiszewski, Inside Sales Engineer

“My favorite part about working at Trillium Flow Technologies is that I am able to work within and with so many departments and management encourages building cross-departmental relationships, which gives the opportunity to easily have access to senior management to as questions/seek advice.” – Brianna Davis, Senior Planner

“It's truly a learning opportunity where ideas are appreciated. Since we're so fast-paced, I'm forced to stretch my mind and think outside of boxes that I didn't realize I had placed myself in.” – Mike Blackford, Senior Production Planner

“I love what is always something new to learn. I am really passionate about learning new methodic and I consider myself very lucky to work in a field that is changing, evaluate every week different aspect, new technologies, capabilities, and ideas.” – Pierluigi Aloe, Quality Supervisor

“Be open to change, ready for teamwork, and challenge yourself to be the best version of you for your benefit and the team's benefit. In simple words get fully invested in the team success being a driver of results.” – Max Ulloa, General Manager

Meet Giovanni

Giovanni Scandella is a machining workshop team leader at Trillium Pumps Italy, just outside of Milan. Giovanni has over 15 years of machining experience before joining Gabbioneta in 2015. This facility designs, manufactures, and tests world-class pumps for diverse customers and markets around the world. Giovanni was appointed team leader in 2018. Machining is a critical contributing factor to the quality of our pumps, and we are thankful for Giovanni’s leadership in our Italian facility.

Meet Nikki

Nikki Hamilton is a credit manager in our North American Pumps headquarters in Fresno, California. For almost 16 years, she has carried the sole responsibility of collecting receivables from customers and managing credit reviews on incoming orders. Nikki prioritizes customer service in her role to ensure their questions are answered and their experience with Trillium during all phases of their project is seamless. Nikki is just one example of our 2200+ employees around the world who put the customer first.