About Trillium Flow Technologies

Trillium Flow Technologies is built on highly engineered, legacy valve and pump brands. Highly revered worldwide, Trillium’s world-class manufacturing facilities are known worldwide and located across North America, Europe, and Asia. Our teams and our brands are field-proven in the industries we passionately serve – nuclear power, fossil power, water, wastewater, general industry, and oil & gas. We provide industry-specific centers of excellence and specialists who deliver industry knowledge and project execution. From trusted product lines to application-specific engineering, we understand our customers’ specific needs and provide support from beginning to end, utilizing our remarkable global footprint and supply chain to reach our customers anywhere in the world. Our team builds on trusted relationships that matter to deliver a unique level of responsive, personal support in every phase of a project. Trillium's comprehensive services and products will change the way you think about flow control and whom you trust. We are more than design and installation; we are a full-service partner.


In line with our mission at Trillium Flow Technologies, we aim to sustainably, efficiently, and passionately assist our customers by providing high quality products and services. We recognize as a global manufacturer of critical products for a diverse customer base, we have a responsibility to leave a positive mark on our global environment. As such, in every aspect of our business, we are committed to bettering our customers, our employees, and the communities around the world in which we operate. We strive to continuously improving our facilities, processes, and supply chains, while providing innovative solutions to customers to accomplish similar goals. Further, we critically prioritize investing in our employees and our communities as to improve their wellbeing. Trillium’s Green Team guides us on our sustainability journey, and with many initiatives in place, we are well on our way to becoming the Trillium Flow Technologies of the future. View our sustainability charter here

Diversity & Inclusion

At Trillium Flow Technologies, we believe that the most effective teams are diverse teams, where different views, perspectives, and experiences are respected and valued.  With over 2,200 employees worldwide, we are proud to continue building, developing, and supporting a team that is rich in distinct backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and orientations. In 2020, we released a refined Diversity & Inclusion Charter which reaffirms our commitment to fostering a respectful, open, and collaborative work environment. This charter is bolstered by Trillium’s policies on Equal Opportunity and Anti-Harassment. We are deliberate on our commitments to diversity and inclusion because simply put, we believe we are Better Together. To learn more, click below to hear our CEO's Message on Diversity & Inclusion. View our D&I charter here.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Trillium Flow Technologies, safety is the foundation of everything we do. We recognize that safety is the responsibility of each of us and our primary focus each day is keeping our employees, our contractors, and our customers safe. Through regular training, global stand-downs, and other activities, safety remains in focus at Trillium Flow Technologies. Our Safety Excellence Committee is comprised of world-class safety thought and innovation leaders who dedicate themselves to refining our safety procedures and improving our protocols internally.  We also recognize that safety goes beyond the walls of our factory, and we work tirelessly to improve our processes and products so that our customers and their end-applications may be safer as well. As we continue to grow, Trillium Flow Technologies remains committed to Zero Harm and promoting a culture of safety in each of our facilities.